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DevVicky Word is a text editor so light that it doesn't even require installation, and so complete that it includes more options than Open Office or Microsoft Word.

The program includes all the basic features that any text editor should have, like total control over font and letter size, and easy, fast insertion of photographs, tables, and hyperlinks. Everything is perfectly organized within a clean, accessible interface.

In addition to these basic functions, DevVicky Word incorporates other details, like a button to instantly ask the developers a question on Twitter, and a reader that will read your text aloud.

If all that weren't enough, the program allows you to import and export files in the following formats: PDF, HTML, TIFF, WMF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, OOXML, DOCX, XML, RTF, DOC, TXT, CSS, and ODT (Open Office).

DevVicky Word is an excellent alternative to other, more popular text editors. Its enormous amount of options, excellent design, and ease of use have made it into a program to watch.
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